Reynolds Protection Bodyguards in Texas offer protection to victims of domestic abuse.
domestic abuse services by Reynolds Protection
...escort them home to pack belongings.

...escort them to and from court proceedings.

...escort their child to supervised visitations. an Armed Guard standing at residence.
You’re being abused. You want to leave, but
you’re too afraid to take the leap.  And it
seems none of your friends want to get

Reynolds Protection wants to help you move
on with your life. Protecting the  Rich and the
Famous is not what we are exclusively
about. We are about one thing – Protecting

Whether it’s escorting you to your home to
pack your belongings, escorting you into the
Divorce Court or even standing guard outside
your home – You can rest easily knowing that
we are here for you.

Our officers are trained in sensitivity and we
handle all assignments with extra caution to
never provoke, anger or bully the alleged
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Reynolds Protection donates this service to
two victims per month free of charge. Please
contact us to schedule a consultation. Our
staff will make a final decision regarding your
financial assistance within 24 hours.
Although we donate this service to 2 (two) victims
per month; We still often have to turn away victims
because they don't have the money to afford our
Services. If you or your company would like to
contribute to this program, please call us.
What can Security do for an Abuse Victim?
Financial Assistance
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